Best Golf GPS Rangefinder Apps 2022- Top 8 picks

Here we offer you some best golf GPS rangefinder apps with their complete description and regular feature for these golf apps. Golf is a game that is best for all ages people and can play the game. But, now, the game is the change in its different features.

Moreover, the golf app is present, which provides the range-finding option. Therefore, you can check some best apps for golf GPS rangefinder. Moreover, these apps help you find the range and holes setting for the golf game ball.

Importance Of Golf Rangefinder App

The golf rangefinder app is best for all users of golf rangefinder and golf lovers. They can use some apps to find the proper location and track the system with a full HD view of the 3D option. Moreover, the app provides the scorecard and stat setting as well. Therefore, you can download these apps for the best gaming experience.

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1. Golfshot- Overall best Paid app

Golfshot GPS app

This is the latest and newest app for golf. So, it is simple enough and easy for the user, and most golf lovers use this app to get all range of finding options. Moreover, it best for different time use ability power. So, this app is available for android, apple, and all other systems.

Furthermore, it comes with its different free and pro feature power. However, the free version of the golf shot rangefinder app uses the GPS and input to track all the shots with a simple style to provide excellent strength. Moreover, it is best to show the stat and course with its full location settings and improvement.

The app is not available in its free version, but you need to get a membership to use it. Moreover, this app provides a considerable distance to the center and green, front track, and the back end. The app-based upon the seasoned base power with a simple style for regular game use in golf. The golf shot is on top of the best Golf GPS Rangefinder Apps, which are paid.

You can also zoom the app to show the bird’s eye view with a full green setting. Moreover, the pro feature golf app is best to use with the leader board option and set. You can get the membership from and or the official site for

2. Hole19- Best free appHole19 Best Golf GPS Rangefinder Apps

It is another good golf rangefinder app with all excellent features. So, this provides high-quality strength of GPS with free version settings. The hole19 app is best for long and short range finding options with simple adjustability. So, it is good to use it as a premium tracking setting, and the rangefinder is also adjusted for all-time use.

Moreover, the app is best to give the range and distance in different places from the front, back, and short green courses. The app of hole19 looks like a full professional option with a simple scorecard option. Moreover, it provides complete safety at all places with a simple style and controls all hazards. Hole19 is the Best Golf GPS Rangefinder App available for free.

You can use this app for home and other sports to check the local and all-range distances quickly. Moreover, you can play the game on Facebook, Instagram, and all other social platforms and at the hole19 app of golf.


3. Swings By Swing – Best for swing analysis


This is also the best app for golf with dedicated all quality features. Most golf players use this app with a simple and easy sue option. But, it is best suited to show the maximum range finding option. GPS is an excellent feature to provide the front, back, and all green views easily in the golf game area.

Moreover, a scorecard option is best to show maximum scores and stat options easily.

However, all the graphs and stats show the full review of the game with all tracking options. You can also zoom the app to get the maximum distance option with a comfortable setting, check the hole, and adjust them in a full-featured environment.

4. Sling TV- Best TV app

Sling TV app

It is a good TV option with simple app adjustments for all golf players, and most golf lovers use this for better power and maximum strength. It works like live streaming of the TV. So, you can check it on the NBC and golf channel. But, it works like the different packages setting so you can get the best with simple style and as per your requirement.

However, it has an excellent addition of a full zoom option to give a considerable distance in the golf game area. So, you can check the front, back, and all other distance range finding options. Moreover, the sling TV app also has different channels that work in full strength with simple styles.

5. The Grint- Best Golf GPS Rangefinder App for handicap

The Grint

This is best for handicapping options and also with a simple adjustment. So, most of the professionals and golf lovers use this for the all-time best game experience. So, it is simple and easy to use for the tracking of your handicap.

But, the free handicap tracker is best to set it and register with the USGA system. Moreover, the app is best for home, and all other places use it with its versatile and quality features.

Furthermore, the interface is simple to give full strength and easy for users to make a proper scorecard and functional display. It is friendly to convert all the stats and scores into a simple digital option with full settings.

Moreover, the Grint app is best for a location to show it in the full size of distance. But, the interface is excellent, which shows all results in the whole eye view option. However, you can compare the score and make a leaderboard option with a simple adjustment.

But, the developer makes the app fully customize to sue for all-time regular playing settings and find the live locations easily.

 6. Fun Golf GPS- A best simple app


This is the app of golf rangefinder, which is most robust for use in the game. But, it provides good fun to sue in all types of golf games with a little bit interface and display option. The app has some excellent quality features that are useful for all kinds of easy adjustments.

But, it provides the full contrast option and also easy use in all types of games. The bird-eye view is 2D, which is simple, but the map is good to give an easy view option to find out all kinds of locations.

The app is only present in the apple system, and you can purchase the package and get excellent and full additional map options. Moreover, it comes and sets with almost 30,000 different courses for tracking different map options. So, overall it is suitable for all golf lovers to sue it once and get many more benefits.

However, you can also download the map offline as well with all quality of features. Moreover, it is best suited for all different plans and tracing location quickly in the maximum range options.

7. Shot Tracer- Best budget GPS app

Shot Tracer

Most golf lovers need the app for short-range use. So, the short tracer app of a golf rangefinder is best suited. But, it has some low features as per its requirement. Therefore, it is best suited for a small budget, and you can get the app at a low price quickly.

Moreover, it shows a good map option with full birds-eye view settings. But, the app is specially designed for apple and all android phones with its smooth and straightforward environment for easy use option in the al type of game.

The 3D map is an excellent addition to give full-featured power for shot trace options. So, you can get all the things in a one-click option. Moreover, the display is also best to provide full strength and easy adjustment of the scorecard option.

8. Golf Logics – Best GPS App for greens

Golf Logics

The app name is simple, but it is specially designed for all types of good game options so you can get it at full strength level. Moreover, the app has a 3D map and topography for easy adjustment of location tracking as well.

However, it is best for the view of the green front and back as well. So, you can get all options with a simple display option as well. Thus, it provides a simple interface to click on the trace option to check the map and drag the screen to show any range of finding opportunities.

This app is among Best Golf GPS Rangefinder Apps.

The most important thing is that this app is available at a good play store as well as at the apple store. So, it is the most essential and downloads maximum time.

Most of the users use this app for regular gaming. However, it is best to show all ranges and all sides of the green.

Final Verdict

Golf is the best game for all types of players. So, in recent times, a golf app is the best source for different functions, like MAP, range finding, location tracking, and measuring distances. Moreover, these apps work on the android system. So, download the apps of golf range finding and use them to get the golf game’s maximum results. Thanks for visiting us.

The above are the best golf apps, if you have any questions comment below. Thanks


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