Best hunting Rangefinder Under 200 Reviews 2022- Top picks

Are you looking for a powerful hunting tool, we have the best hunting Rangefinder under 200 to improve your game! These rangefinders on our list are affordable and best for your needs. Although some of the brands can cost hundreds of bucks for the same product. Here we have shortlisted a few budget-priced rangefinders for making your decision easier.

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Tacklife Rangefinder


So whether you are an amateur, or on a tight budget, we have this list of best Rangefinder under 200 dollars that is going to give you the most reliable tool from which you can choose. You can choose any of the models of Rangefinder for enhancing your experience. Also, these rangefinders are worth your time.

Have a look at the top rangefinders.

Top 4 Picks of the Best Rangefinder Under 200


1. AOFAR rangefinder for Hunting

We have the AOFAR rangefinder for Hunting that has the latest technology and supports bow and range modes as well. Best of all, this Rangefinder is water and dustproof for all hunting enthusiasts.



  • Accurate Rangefinder
  • High precision rangefinder
  • Bow and hunting mode
  • Not waterproof
  • No continuous scan mode

Moreover, it has 180 g weights and comes with a carrying pouch, CR2 battery, high-grade portable rope, and a manual. Also, this Rangefinder comes with lifetime customer support. It is one of the best Rangefinders for under 200 dollars.

Key Features

Some of the best features of the AOFAR rangefinder are the following.

Hunting and Bow Mode

These modes show the angle vertically and horizontally when showing the straight-line distance.

Range and Accuracy

The yards accuracy is +/- 1 yard in 5 to 300Yards and the range is 1200 yards with 6x Magnification.

2. Tacklife Laser Rangefinder

This Rangefinder is durable and has a water-resistant body. Also, the range, speed, scanning, pin model can be switched easily.



  • Convenient USB charging
  • Tripod screw holder
  • The display is not clear in bright light


If you want to look for a rangefinder that can measure a longer distance in an affordable price range, then we will suggest buying a Tacklife laser rangefinder as it is having 900 yards range and 7 x magnifications.Best Rangefinder Under 200

However, Tacklife is capable of straight line distance as well as vertical and horizontal height measuring. It is the best Rangefinder for bow hunting.

Further, this Rangefinder is convenient, and it can measure more than 30000 times after a full charge. Also, Tacklife can be attached to any standard tripod, and it will measure the long-distance targets easily.

Besides that, Tacklife comes with 24-month warranty service.

Key Features

Some of the best key features of Tacklife are the following.

Range and Accuracy

Tacklife has a +/-1 yard accuracy range and 900 yards distance range.

Wrist Strap

This strap can be worn around your wrist to avoid dropping the device. This feature makes the device easy to carry during the game.

Battery Life

Also, Tacklife has a 750 mAH rechargeable lithium battery that can measure 30,000 times after a full charge. It is the best Rangefinder for Hunting.

3. Unieye Laser Rangefinder

If you need a rangefinder that is compact and has professional optical instruments, then buy unieye laser rangefinder. Also, it has a water-resistant body and high-quality materials for accurate measurements.

Uineye rangefinder


  • Ultra-clear display
  • Multi-layered optics
  • Best for Hunting
  • No cons as such

Further, it has a comfortable grip with an ergonomic design that is lightweight and portable. Besides that, Unieye is perfect for carrying while golfing or hunting, or for measuring.

Moreover, Unieye has a scan mode for continuous ranging of moving or multiple targets. And through the lens display, you can easily read the measurements in yards or meters.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Unieye are the following.

Range and Accuracy

Unieye has 1600 yards range and an accuracy of +/-1 yard of accuracy, and it is best for long-range for Hunting and shooting.

Angle compensation and Magnification

Unieye has 8 x magnification and angle compensation mode for quickly targeting from any angle, including the vertical, horizontal distance.

4. Wosports Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Are you sick of bulky rangefinders? Wosports is the best portable option to buy. And it has an innovative battery cover design.



  • Innovative design
  • Meters and yards switching
  • Influence ranging capacity
  • The display is not clear

Also, this Rangefinder is inseparable. Moreover, wosports comes with 18 months warranty and friendly customer service.

Best of all, this Rangefinder has a mode button for switching between meters and yards in just three seconds. It is one of the best Rangefinder under 200 dollars.

Key Features

Some of the best features of Wosports are the following.

Influence Ranging Capability

The factors such as sunshine intensity, the concentration of water vapor in the air don’t affect the accuracy of this Rangefinder. It is water, dust, and fog proof.

Range and Accuracy

It has 1200 yards range with +/- 1-yard accuracy with 6 x magnification. Which is comparable with the most costly devices.


Which are the best rangefinders under 200 for Hunting?

Some of the best rangefinder under 200 for hunting are TacklifeLaser Rangefinder, Unieye laser rangefinder, wosports hunting laser rangefinder, and AOFAR rangefinder for Hunting.

Why is a rangefinder for Hunting needed?

Just by pressing one button, the rangefinders can mark off your target. And the internal clock measures the time for the beam to reach every target. Also, the Rangefinder can calculate the distance to within +/- 1 yard or a half yard. And the range is displayed in meters or yards on an LCD in a second.

The Conclusion

As you have reviewed, we have the most appropriate rangefinders under 200 dollars on our list. And you can choose any one of Rangefinder without worrying a bit. Hence, they will not only measure the distance accurately but also enhance your experience. AOFAR HX-1200T seems good at this price. So whatever model you choose, you will get what you pay for. Thank you for visiting us!

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