Garmin Approach G10 Review: Compact GPS With Built-in Clip

The Garmin approach g10 is a Golf GPS rangefinder device used by golf players. Garmin is a well-known brand for making these types of products; they give the best quality features that you required if you own a G10 made by them. If you are looking at this Garmin Approach g10 review, then you must be a golf player. We are about to tell you if this product is worth buying or not!

Garmin Approach G10 Review

Everyone is looking for gadgets with the latest tech; the Garmin approach g10 is four years old, but it still got a name in the golf field. If you are looking for a device that can tell you about the golf courses and it already includes many courses in it, it has a score sheet where you can store your marks that you have made in the field.

Along with these features, there is an application that is designed for this Garmin approach g10 watch so that it can store your data there. And whenever it is needed wherever you are, you can look at the results or the courses with just a click.

This type of tech is highly recommended for a golf player; you can get the measurements of the fields through which you have to make the shot. By getting the measurements, it can be easy for you to make the shot.


Garmin Approach G10 Review in detail


  • Dimensions: 0.7 x 1.5 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Battery: 15 hours
  • Sunlight readible display: Yes
  • Display: Black & white
  • Golf Courses: 40000+
  • Subscription Fee: No

Rangefinder GPS


  • Sunlight readable
  • This device is designed to be small.
  • It is lightweight.
  • 40,000 preloaded golf courses in this G10
  • No fees
  • You can manually pinpoint your position
  • Provides green view
  • Hazards/course targets
  • Digital scorecards 
  • Digital app 
  • Primary black/white screen
  • No-touch targeting
  • No step tracking and smart notification features.


The Garmin Approach g10 rangefinder is a slim and very lightweight device with the best latest features and preloaded golf courses that you can explore in this device. It can give precise distances to the fields, hazards, and many other features found in this device type. It is designed so that it has a clip-on on its back so that it can be clipped where you desire; besides this, it provides the correct information and measurements.

In this Garmin approach G10 review, we will tell you about the features that this product includes. However, it does not include some of the latest features added in devices like approach G8 and S20. Besides this, it has the required elements, such as manually pining your position and giving you a preview of the green layout.

The clip design makes it easy to use for the golfers; wherever they are playing, it does not matter. They can nail it using this G10 approach. Let take a look at this:

1: Measure Shot Distance & Calculate Yardages:-Golf watch

As compared to other Garmin handhelds, the Garmin approach g10 Rangefinder watch is not detailed; this is because of the tech difference between them. Besides this, only a clip on the device can be used to attach this to your belt. 

With the help of this device, you can calculate any individual shot distance made on the course. The digital scorecard helps to keep track of your score throughout the round. This Garmin approach g10 provides the space for layups and doglegs to plan the perfect approach. 

2: Compact Garmin Golf GPS Design:-

Garmin Approach G10 watch boasts a compact design; with this, it has the quality features that you can use in golf, such as measuring the individual shot distance that you had made in the golf field. These features do not include the latest tech features installed in Garmin’s latest approaches.

In GPS mode, this approach can give you 15 hours of work time; after using the device up to this period, you can recharge the installed battery. So make sure before leaving to play golf that you are charged up to continue to play for almost a day.

Approach g10 also has a built-on odometer that has been installed so that you can keep a record of the distance that you have traveled if you want to. This feature is great for health-conscious players.


The Garmin approach g10 review is the best device that you can get if you are a beginner. It includes features that are required to play golf. Besides this, it has preloaded 40,000 courses already that can be updated from time to time without any cost.

The most significant advantage is the design of the lightweight and waterproof approach so that you can use it in the rain. A clipper is installed at the back of the approach so that it can be clipped easily. 

The screen of the approach G 10 is not a touch screen, but it displays the things required. You can upload the track of your scores to Garmin connect, which can be seen anytime, anywhere if needed.

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