Garmin Approach S6 Review: Colorful Touchscreen GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S6 review brings you the high resolution and touch screen wearable rangefinder. After the success of S5, it has been introduced with smartphone notifications, 40,000 courses, and smart tracking features. It comes with PinPoint technology that gives you an extra eye where your naked eyes can not see. The course view provides a clear picture of the greenery areas. 

Garmin Approach S6 Review

All the features are available at just a slight movement of your wrist, including distance and state tracking. So if you have a bit more money to spend, then this high-end feature product is the best for you. It, of course, was declared the best rangefinder of 2022.

Garmin s6 watch gives a high-resolution display of the front, middle, and end of the green. It seems to be the first on the list among other Garmin GPS devices. Excellent yardage indicator, fairly easy to use, makes it an exceptional device. 


  • Easy to Use
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Tons of free courses
  • High-resolution colorful screen.
  • Latest swing metrics technology
  • Can measure accurate tracks
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to find spot hazard
  • No annual fee
  • Little bit expensive
  • Need frequent charging due to high resolution


Garmin Approach S20 review of features

Hazard YardageGarmin Approach S6 golf GPS

Garmin approach s6 GPS golf watch comes with various features, and hazard Yardage is one of them. Using this, you can easily judge the exact place of hazard on the watch screen and analyze the golf course’s intensity of danger.

This measuring spot of hazard features is unmatched by other GPS track devices in the market. This feature helps you a lot in golf courses to save your stroke from wasting and show the hazard spot on the watch color screen.

You have never used multiple functionality watches in your golf course ever like this, and it will not let you down in your entire golf course. If you are playing in the deluge or stuck in a random storm, or even in a water hazard, then this watch will hold up with you up to 50 meters into the water. 

PinPlacement Technology

PinPlacement Technology is supposed to tell you the exact location when you hit the blind shot. This Garmin touchscreen GPS measures the distance precisely and shows the result with maximum accuracy. Just move the pin to the required position on the touch screen. So when you ready to hit the blind shot, it will show the exact direction of the green ground’s location.

Although setting the right spot on the screen takes a little bit more effort to judge yardage. It saves your time and effort to go on foot to that place to see the location with your eyes, and there is a rare chance to remember that spot when you return to the play position. A unique watch to measure the short and long-distance precisely at just a single tap.

Golf Course Coverage:

watch best

Garmin S6 GPS watch comes with 40,000 membership and subscription-free courses. Just charge it to watch the course, and it will guide you at every stage of using it, its functionality, and how it works. It also has an automatic approach feature that automatically recognizes the next spot. It judges your position and automatically guides you in what you do next. 

Watch Face:

Garmin approach s6 has a 1-inch diameter and a 4.5 cm x 4.5 x 1.42 cm touch screen. This screen gives a high-resolution display of up to 180 x 180 resolution. It is enough to show an exact spot on the color screen. Its weight is 1.6 oz, and you can easily see each hazard and yardage clearly on the touch screen. It looks smart when a golf lover wears it on his wrist. 

Battery Life: 

This wearable rangefinder has a long-lasting battery timing. It saves up to 20 weeks on watch mode and 10 weeks on GPS mode. It keeps you stress-free from charging again and again. In short, it is an all-in-one solution for golf lovers.

Swing Metrics: 

The swing metrics function is unmatched by other GPS devices as it comes with three types of metrics, including Swing Tempo, Tempo Training, and Swing Strength.  This feature is called the beauty of approach s6.

Swing Tempo: GPS

Swing Tempo is used to determine the upswing and downswing. This unique feature helps to train you to read the ideal tempo by the golf professionals. The successful golf swings give the ideal ratio of 3:1 to measure the speed variations.

Tempo Training:

The ideal ratio of swing tempo is 3:1, and this ratio helps to level up the swing mechanics and fine-tune of swing tempo. This rangefinder is very helpful to find the diving range. The total duration may vary from time to time, but the downswing ratio is fixed at 3:1. The S6 golf watch uses a technology accelerometer to measure where the downswing and upswing start and where to end. 

Swing Strength:

Swing Strength is all about measuring the power you exert for swing. Whenever you shot ½ or ¾ shots, it will improve your practice and consistency level. It is an incredible feature, especially when practicing in the clubs. 

Water Resistance:

All other GPS devices are water-resistant just up to 10 meters, but it has a different quality of 50 meters. It can also measure step tracking. 

Bluetooth Feature:Golf

S6 has a built-in Bluetooth feature, so you can easily pair it with your smartphones. This feature shows messages, text, and other notifications on the touch screen of the golf watch. So, you can get your cell phone updates on your watch.

Style review of Garmin Approach S6:

It has an attractive design and looks smart to those who wear this rangefinder. It is effortless to use and has a good interface. You can wear this on and off the field.

Our verdict

After the Garmin Approach S6 review, we can suggest. If you have a little bit more to spend, this is the best product for you. If you get the exact spot of the holes, you will never miss any shot. Garmin lovers are increasing day by day. 

If you can’t afford the s6, then the Garmin approach s20 is a suitable golf watch with the maximum features of S6. 


Is This The Best Golf Watch For You?

Garmin Approach S6 golf watch is exceptional among all other GPS devices in the market due to its numerous features. Also, we can wear this watch casually.

How can I get the distances of hazards?

You have to search on the map to find out the exact spot of hazards. It is easy to mark the location where you stand and save it. You can categorize this location and see it using Layup views. You can see any hazards on the touch screen with just a single tape. 


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