Golf Buddy LR5 Reviews: Affordable & Reliable Golf Rangefinder

Today we present the Golf Buddy LR5 Reviews that come with standard, scan, and Pin seeking technology. A multi-coated device with a 6x magnifying device that can measure up to 880 yards accurately.

Golf Buddy LR5 Reviews

Do you wonder why golf players love this unit? Let’s explore it and become renowned with time among the people. It comes with lots of exceptional features like diopter adjustment for focusing, automatic turn off that saves battery, and water-resistance technology to become a true companion in rainy seasons. The slope feature helps to measure the exact distance uphill and downhill.

Golf Buddy LR5 Reviews in detail


  • Distance Ranges: 5 to 800 yards
  • Magnification: 6X23 mm objective diameter
  • Dimensions: 4 x 1.63 x 2.85 inches
  • Weight:  7.69 ounces
  • Display Type: Black LCD
  • Tournament Legal: Yes
  • Measuring Units: Yards and Meters
  • Waterproof: No
  • Water resistance: Yes
  • Focusing: Diopter adjustment



  • Budget-Friendly
  • Three latest technology mode
  • Comes with slop
  • The measure ranges to 880 yards
  • Water resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Battery life is not much longer


As we mentioned above, the Golf Buddy LR5 comes with many features. Let’s describe each feature in detail.


Golf Buddy LR5 rangefinder comes with the latest modes, including standard mode, scan, and pin mode.  Standard mode measures the distance of the target. The Scan mode technology scans the distance to the target and gives accurate measuring results. Pin Seeking technology continues a 10-second measurement of the target.

Easy to Use

Golf Buddy LR5 is a very compact, easy to use with sharp optics and fast ranges display golf laser rangefinder. It is a handy size golf rangefinder unit, and its weight is just 8 oz that is easy to carry, and you don’t have to lift a weighty object. It gives quick and fast measuring results.

You have to follow the 3 to 4 steps and get the accurate distance range. Tape the turn-on button and point at the target, and press the same button. It will scan for 10 seconds to the pointed target and return the exact distance you want to measure. In short, the Golf Buddy LR5 laser rangefinder is quick, fast, lightweight, and easy to hold and travel.

Safety and Guide

Golf Buddy LR5 has a carry case that ensures security and safety from damaging and accidentally breaking. The carry case has grey color with sharp blue and dark grey accents. The small guidebook helps users explore all features and functions and includes answers to their most asked questions.

This carry case helps to carry the LR5 laser rangefinder unit to ensure safety and easy carrying. An additional stretched-based latch, a  rigid shell with a strong zipper, and a carabiner to attach the bag also come with Golf Buddy LR5. Things do not end here. The lanyard and the microfiber cloths also come with it.

Sizegolf rangefinding device

As we discuss Golf Buddy LR5 reviews’ size matters a lot when you buy any rangefinder in the market. It has compact, easy to hold, and carry size. It has an ideal size that makes sense as a golf player preferred over a big rangefinder that looks awkward. The eyepiece is a little bit sizable, so you can easily see the result with your naked eye and your glasses.

Monocular Eyepiece

The adjustment of the monocular eyepiece is pretty straightforward. Just put it out of the carry case and set it over it. If it makes resistance in adjusting, twist the monocular eyepiece, set at the exact path. If we talk about simplicity in the field of golf, then this unit would be the biggest asset for you.


The display of the Golf Buddy LR5 looks pretty simple. Only a few features are displayed on it, including a set of the crosshair, a box around it, and scan and pin mode icons. The set of crosshairs help to set the target. Another displaying feature is the battery indicator. These features display on the front screen, so its beauty remains the same.


Golf Buddy LR5 performs fast and gives quick results. The scan mode takes a couple of seconds after activation to lock the target. It measures the distance a couple of times to ensure accuracy. The distance it measures simultaneously is displayed on the screen, and it tries to scan the target again. It can measure the shortest distance up to 1 yard. Among all three modes (standard, scan, Pin), the pin mode performs more quickly.


The battery life of the Golf Buddy LR5 laser rangefinder can operate up to 100 rounds. But it depends on the quality of the shots. You don’t need to change the battery. But if it damages due to some severe reasons like high voltage, the battery can be changed easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a Scan Mode?

Luckily, the high-end Golf Buddy LR5 has a scan mode that scans the target for 10 seconds, and it will give accurate measurements from the objects.

How can you tell what mode the rangefinder is in?

Golf Buddy LR5 rangefinder comes with three outstanding modes. It will set in the same mode as to where you left it. If you are in standard or scan mode and you turned off this small GPS unit. When you turn it on again, it will automatically be in the respective mode.

So to check which mode is activated is pretty straightforward. You have to see the display screen. If you find “S” on the screen, then scan mode is activated. Similarly, if it shows “P” mode, then Pin seeker mode is activated.


Well, we have thoroughly reviewed the golf buddy LR5 laser rangefinder. This guide will help you in purchasing the best GPS unit at a very reasonable price. If you need more featured GPS units, then you must try LR5S or LR7S.

The Golf Buddy is based on GPS technology, so try at once to check its laser power. If this small Buddy LR5 doesn’t fit your needs, then try Nikon Coolshot 40 rangefinder. If you still feel something more to discuss, ask in the comment section. We would love to solve your query ASAP.

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