Bushnell Pro XE review: best golf rangefinder with slope

Without any doubt, Bushnell is the most trustworthy company among golfers. Each time they come up with innovations. After the Bushnell Pro XE review, we concluded that it is the best golf rangefinder with slope ever made.

Bushnell Pro XE review

Bushnell Pro X2 model was great, and we were not expecting much advancement in the next model. But, the release of pro xe proves us wrong. The size of this yardage finder is more significant than the previous one.

The pro xe is best in performance, accuracy, consistency, and latest features. Pro xe is the most precise laser rangefinder equipped with the latest technology.

  • Premium product
  • 7X magnification
  • Screen and text crystal clear
  • Fully waterproof
  • Slope with elements compensation
  • Pinseeker with visual Jolt
  • BITE magnetic cart mount
  • Range up to 1300 yards
  • Slope switch 
  • CR2 battery included
  • precise measurement
  • Expensive: The additional features, which even cant be used in tournaments, make this laser rangefinder pricy.
  • The device is quite bulky.
  • Sometimes Jolt feature does not work, especially closer to greens.


Bushnell Pro XE review: best golf rangefinder with slope

Distance finder golfBushnell introduced a slope feature in its Tour V4 Model ( for reading the full review, click here). But there is something that always makes Bushnell prominent in the market. Every new model of Bushnell brings new technological advancement. After Tour V4, the Pro X2 model came up with higher built-in quality and an easy turn-off-slope feature.

The latest Pro XE came up with Pinseeker with visual Jolt technology and sloped with elements technology.

After unboxing it, I loved the design and finishing. The previous model was heavy due to the metal body, but I found Pro XE more heaver. Its weight is 11oz. But, using the device is a very smooth experience. The pro xe provides instant results without any delay. Furthermore, every time you get the same readings. You know many devices in the market provide different results each time, but this is not the case with Bushnell pro xe model.

The device came with a CR2 battery and protective case. Bushnell Pro XE provides a 2-year warranty which provides more satisfaction to its users.

Key Features

Slope with elements

best golf rangefinder with slope.The new technology used in this model provides the most trusted compensated distance. As Slope technology combines with temperature and barometric pressure so provides accurate results. There is no need for user input. 

I know you are thinking about time. No need to worry about time as it takes almost the same time as other models. 

Slope Switch

The slope switch makes it possible to use it for the tournament. Pro xe is a tournament legal device as we can switch off the slope function. The device is fully compliant with current rules, laws, and regulations of Golf tournaments worldwide.

By switch on the slope function, we get precise angle compensated distance. This feature is helpful for incline and decline angle measurement.

Pinseeker with Visual JoltRange finder

Jolt is a great technology. It provides vibration when the target is locked. Now, Bushnell came with the advancement in Jolt, Pinseeker with a visual jolt. In the new technology, a red circle also flashes with vibration, bringing more confidence to the golfer.

BITE magnetic cart mount

This feature adds luxury to the device. Holding the rangefinder for a long time is a difficult job. Also, putting in a cart and then bringing it out, again and again, is not a comfortable task.

We can easily attach the distance finder to the cart due to its BITE magnetic cart mount feature. so, there is no need to hold the device for a long time as we can easily attach and detach it from the cart.

Magnification and Optics

All previous model has maximum 6X magnification. However, Bushnell increased the magnification up to 7x in this model, which provides quick and easy focus.

The high-quality optics brings a clear view without putting any strain on the eyes. It has an ultra-bright backlight display. Pro XE brings dual display, both red and black.


The rubber-armored metal coating housing makes it elegant. Also, the device is fully waterproof. The range of the device is 5-1300 Yards, which is quite impressive. The diameter of the objective lens in the device is 25mm.

Pro xe has 11oz weight. Overall its finishing is outclassed, the look is beautiful. However, the size is bigger than the pro x2. 

Bushnell Golf App

You get access to the Bushnell free app by the purchase of this device. The app has data of 36000+ courses, around 30 countries.

Bushnell app provides the hole layout with distances and 3D flyovers with distances. 

best golf rangefinder with slope

Our verdict

After reviewing so many products, we place this device at #1 position. It is the best golf rangefinder with a slope.

Without any doubt, Bushnell Pro XE is the best in performance, accuracy, and consistency. The elegant, waterproof device is equipped with the latest features. If you have extra bucks to spend, then go for it. 

Don’t buy it if you are buying only for tournament purposes because you have to switch off its advance slope feature during the game for which you paid extra money.

The pro x2 is the 2nd hight ranked Bushnell rangefinder, which you can get at less price with some advanced features missing. On the other hand, if you do not stick to the Bushnell brand, you can also check the Precision pro NX9 golf laser rangefinder, which is cheaper.


Which Bushnell Golf Rangefinder is the best?

Without any second opinion, the Pro XE model of Bushnell is the best in the industry. Bushnell included all the best possible technology in this model. That’s why the Pro XE is the most precise model of the rangefinder. For reading the full Bushnell Pro XE review, click here.

Why are Bushnell rangefinders so expensive?

No doubt Bushnell is a trustworthy brand, and it produces a quality product. Bushnell is a big name in the market, so its products are expensive. Some brands in the market are offering products of almost the same quality at a low price.

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